Traditional Portuguese Pottery

Traditional Portuguese Pottery

There is a traditional Portuguese pottery shop in Sagres after the roundabout towards the St. Vincent Cape direction. I love the idea of putting up different designs and sizes of the ceramic plates on the building’s wall. Obviously this is the best way to market their products and direct attract potential customers. I always think I would go crazy if I owned a house here. Believing the shopping nature of woman plus owning a house of your own, this place is highly desirable.

You will find anything for the house décor that you want in this pottery shop including full culinary sets. There are multiple traditional Portuguese design culinary sets from different colours and patterns. The wide selection range from tiny sauce plates to big salad bowl whichever you think it fits to your house. You better make sure you have enough cupboard to store the full range of the sets. Of course this is only one small part of the display range.

However, I personally more obsessed with the navel and vintage decors more than the traditional Portuguese pottery. It’s always in my mind that if I would have a beach cottage, perhaps these will be the best place to select my favourable decors. Maybe the Japanese “Beach Boys” movie scenes still in my head after so many years since secondary school.

As I’m writing this blog, I just realised one of the vintage boards in the picture stated “Have a Little Faith, It Will All Work Out”. Isn’t it wonderful how God speaks to us through things even a picture? This is also the season when I’m experiencing low tide in my life which I would have already died without Faith. All I have to believe is the Potter’s hand is shaping and working on my future.

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