Top 10 Differences Living between Malaysia and Portugal

Top 10 Differences Living between Malaysia and Portugal

Top 10 differences living between Malaysia and Portugal giving you the insights of an expat from Asia to Europe. The culture and environment differences slowly take place as I stay longer. It feels the differences are significant because the human nature to compare when we don’ have the access to it. However, it’s still a great experience to spot the differences within cultures.

1. Watching Movies in Cinema

Malaysia: I would consider cinemas in Asia considered as premium standard compared to many other countries. The audio visual system is great, the seat is comfortable although the aircon is always on full blast.
Portugal: The 15 mins toilet breaks is a killer for me sometimes. You can sit anywhere as the cinema is kind of empty and the Portuguese subtitle with American speaking movies required very high focus.

2. Food Varieties

Malaysia: You can easily find two-three rows all kind of junks in the big supermarket and 5 in 1 instant noodles packets. We have also variety of instant coffee on the shelf.
Portugal: The major junks you can get is potato chips, chocolates and biscuits and instant noodle is only selling by individual packet with very little flavor of choice. No pre-mix instant coffee available.

3. No Fish & Chips

Malaysia: We always have fried food everyway from the night market to restaurants or even on the street.
Portugal: For healthy reason, never find fish served with chips because they will never serve more than 1 fried food in a plate. This is also the reason there are only three KFC outlets in the whole Algarve.

4. Birthday Celebration

Malaysia: Friends or family usually buy the birthday cake.
Portugal: You have to bring your own birthday cake.

5. Home Cook Vs Dine-out

Malaysia: For individual dining out or cook at home is almost the same cost and easily to get cheap food anywhere.
Portugal: Dine-out at ordinary restaurant could cost me a week’s of grocery.

6. Pizza Toppings

Malaysia: I really like our piazza toppings always rich and full with various ingredients. MeatMania in Dominos always favorable for me and my friends.
Portugal: Mushroom pizza always the best choice and will never go wrong.

7. Meat Texture

Malaysia: The pork is always with 3 layers fat and fish meat is usually tender. Chicken meat is always soft unless you get the “Kampung Chicken”.
Portugal: There’s no way we can get 3 layer fat pork here. Chicken is in between the soft and hard texture where the fish meat is usual more coarse.

8. Food Presentation

Malaysia: Coffees are presented with latte art and cakes are colorful with decors. It is always very tempting and IG presentable presentation. This must be relates to our culture where the cameras always et the first feed of the food.
Portugal: Standard ordinary but traditional presentation without exaggerate décor.

9. Christmas Delights

Malaysia: We follows the English way for Christmas celebration with turkeys.
Portugal: Bacalhau (salted cod-fish) is the traditional Portuguese food with 1001 recipes available. It’s not only serve on daily basis, but also the major dish during Christmas. This “ham yu” cost is not that cheap thou.

10. Road & Traffic Conditions

Malaysia: Our highway and roads are always bumpy and holes everywhere. Traffic jam happened all the time that takes you an hour for a 15 minutes distance.
Portugal: Portugal has the best highway condition in Europe, yet the locals still complaining the road condition is bad. Ten cars in front of your car is considered traffic jam.

There are still many differences living between Malaysia and Portugal in daily life. I will keep you posted!

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