6 Process of Adrenaline Boost by SkyDiving

6 Process of Adrenaline Boost by SkyDiving

There are certain times in your life that you want to get out from the routine. Time can be challenging as well as financial support for a long vacation before you can get back to the routine again. I personally think adrenaline boost is a way to make your routine life better. Skydiving can be pretty extreme activity for adrenaline boost but I know I just want to do it!

This was the first year to have my birthday alone in the foreign land. Not because of no one would celebrate birthday with me but I would like reward myself with something that I’ve been wanted to do for so long. The desire of wanting to try on SkyDiving planted since my first visit to Australia back to year 2011.  Now, I want to celebrate for my new life chapter! I want to reward myself with an amazing gift! I want to celebrate for my excellent academy result from the Master course! It’s my birthday!!!

Before Event

Once I’ve decided to book the Tandem SkyDiving for the coming weekend, my adrenaline already started to boost and I can’t hold to announce to everybody that I met at work telling them, “I’m going to do the SkyDiving this weekend!”. They were all worried for me and hope to see me again on Monday! I thought I will have insomnia the night before the event for being too excited.

On the ground

I was introduced to my tandem skydive instructor and he spent about 15 minutes to explain the whole skydiving process including the right postures for landing. We were on the jumping suit ready and getting sauna while waiting a plane to be removed from the runway. This delayed waiting time could make you more nervous and you still got time to bail out. I was too calm to bail out and trying as much as I can to keep calm and steady. You see! If someone who is more nervous than me coming with me, I would get more nervous.

In the Flight

Finally we got into the plane and ready for the flight. It takes about 15-20 minutes before the jump where you are looking out from the window on high. Looking at those beautiful landscape and the next moment I’ll be outside of the ‘covered’ plane. The instructor started to gear up and keep me so tight that I can hardly move my body. Basically he did all the move for us closer to the door. I’m gonna jump and fly!!!!

Out from the Plane

Getting ready by the door side, looking down at the small land underneath, take a deep breath! If you watch the video, I lean my head backward is not because I don’t dare to look down, it was the safety gesture to avoid your head knock to the back from the jump pressure. During the fall time, that 15 seconds feels forever because my ear is very painful due to the pressure. There’s nothing in my head at that moment but just hoping my heart didn’t stop during the high speed fall from the sky. It was crazy but it was amazing feeling! Look at the land of Algarve, the Lagos, Portimao and even Sagres is so beautiful!


As I was tight so hard with the safety gear, I couldn’t even lift my legs up high enough during the landing time. Then I twisted both my legs behind and thank God I didn’t broke my legs. I struggled a little bit to get up because it feels like I had done a 5km marathon. Can you imagine that?

After Event

Yes! I did it! Finally I did it! It was awesome! It took me sometime to understand myself where comes the courage to do this? I got very bad nausea after that and I need to get pill from the pharmacy. Every time I replay and watch again the video, I still feel how I feel during the day I did this.

I would say this is the greatest adrenaline boost for myself and kind of used up the adrenaline quota for the rest of the year! I’m glad and proud for myself to be able to overcome the fright which I might bail out last minute and I didn’t! If this is something too much for you, start from the little adventure that you can handle. I just like to have this kind of adrenaline boost activity once in a while that charged me up again!

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