Salad in the Water – Easy Detox Everyday

Salad in the Water – Easy Detox Everyday

I believed there are thousands of easy detox everyday recipes and formula available online. You might be encouraged to give a try whenever there is a new recipe pop up on your screen. Then you may give up to continue after sometimes. This easy detox recipe for sure has been available in ages online and I just get inspired by a friend. I personally do love this simple recipe for lazy people like me and it works well on me too.

During the first trial, it has reduced the constipation problem and improved the digestive system very well. When our body is accumulating too much unnecessary waste, it will also shows on our face. Once our body has detoxed out the waste and cleansed, our face will naturally looks better. Apart from that, it tastes fresh that makes you want to drink more water during the day. Office people like me need to have this everyday as we often neglected our drinking habits. Also, I love to eat potato chips and the change is even obvious when I stop eating it and start with this drink.

“Salad in the Water” Recipe
  • 1 piece of cut lemon.
  • 4 pieces of cut cucumber.
  • Few fresh mint leaves.
  • 350ml drinking water

Not to advertise specifically for Monchique mineral water, but it is a better choice for us living in Algarve as the tap water is not drinkable. The 9.5 PH level of the alkaline drinking water has obviously gave me extra bonus in this recipe. This is a very easy detox everyday recipe without much effort and seriously, you don’t have any excuse not to stay healthy.


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