Moreia Frita at Cafe Zambujo Sagres

Moreia Frita at Cafe Zambujo Sagres

Moreia Frita is one of the Portuguese local snack which means fried eel. It’s gladful to have a popular restaurant nearby which really tempting me most of the time. Moreia Frita can be served in two ways, either with bread or without bread.  Of course if you are a person like me who don’t like dry food, you can always ask for ketchup and mayonnaise.

As I could not find fried food as much as in Malaysia, this became my crave. I feel it was weird to have fried eel with bun at the beginning so I had the separated one. Then as I don’t really understand what the owner is saying in Portuguese, I just knocked my head with yes. It came the one with bread and it taste good. Crispy is all the matter for me! Oh, price! EUR 3.50 per set.

Cafe Zambujo in Sagres is popular for the local and tourists. The best part is the old couple who are operating this restaurant away for almost 2 months summer holidays. This is unusual for business in Sagres as most of them are close during winter. It’s a good thing that you still have a place to go during winter.

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