Medieval Fair in Silves Portugal

Medieval Fair in Silves Portugal

Silves was once the ancient capital of Kingdom of Algarve. It has the combination of the Moorish and Christian traditions in Silves with it’s architecture and the castle. Medieval Fair is an annual summer festival in this historical city of Silves in Portugal. I think this is the most favorite festivals I enjoyed so far in Portugal.  The entrance fee is EUR 2 per adult with a cup is only EUR 3 for a day pass.


The surrounding decors is really attractive which makes me feels like in the scene of the movie – Games of Throne. The ancient castle with the woodcraft signage and special fonts are giving the atmosphere like those days. Plus the setup of the tables and chairs are the wooden long tables and the straw chairs. You could also rent the costumes to be better fit in the ancient village life of ambience.


This is also a great time for business. The stalls will start to set-up during the evening about 4pm-5pm. There are many interesting things to see along the hills to towards the castle. You can see some of the stalls are selling the warriors costumes, accessories and weapon toys. Interesting me the most are the badges with Portuguese family names just a like a tribe’s name from the ancient days. Not to be missed are the Portuguese sweets, cakes and flower/herbal tea leaves. There were few tarots readings stalls, flower hairbands for the girls, aromas, miniatures of the dragons and angels and many more.

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks are never a miss thing in a festival. The main food is the BBQ meats with beers. Imagine those days during the winter war, warriors having their feast on the wooden long table with meats and beers. This is exactly how you will eat and drink like the ancient warriors. There are many places around the town setup with the food stalls. Not to expect fresh juices as they’re all pre-mixed. The best to have is beers and sangria. You may find some stalls is selling slightly different drinks from the norm. After all, me and my friend smelled smocked barbeque.


There were also some performance happening from time to time. Dancing and singing are everywhere. Just feel the atmosphere of the ancient warriors has just won the victory. The whole village is celebrating with big feast. For real, me and my friend is struggling to finish that plate of mix meats. We both agreed we did very good job that two girls managed to finished the mix meat plate.



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