Mar do Inferno Seafood Restaurant Cascais

Mar do Inferno Seafood Restaurant Cascais

Mar do Inferno Restaurant is a seafood restaurant by the famous attraction “Boca do Inferno” of Cascais, Portugal. It is famous for both locals and tourists. “Boca do Inferno” is also known as “Mouth of Hell” due to the loud noise of the waves influx through the arch cave by the shore. The beautiful scene of the coastal rock formation is breathtaking especially when the giant waves hit up high. Sitting in the restaurant could hear the thunder roar but looking outside the window is such a sunny day. This isn’t artificial made sound but from the sound of the sea roaring.

Mar do Inferno Seafood Restaurant is popular among the locals and tourists. The restaurant is fully seated with local professionals when we were there during the low season. So you know making reservation is necessary to avoid disappointment. Don’t ask me if they don’t need to work? I guess this could be a great place for corporate lunch as well? In case you are not aware, Cascais is the upper class area living with rich community of Portugal.

We had the appetizer with the huge fresh mussels and clams. I personally love the clams cooked with garlic, white wine and herbs. It is the delicious traditional Portuguese specialty namely “Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato”. As you may aware Portuguese love to have bread with some Pate (Portuguese bread spread) before meal. I personally not a bread person before meal but I would love to dip the bread with the sauce.  It is such a waste without seeing the bottom of the plate by just finishing the clams.

The main cast of the meal is the grill seabream. Big portion! Generally this is a portion for two Asians but this is a single portion for Portuguese. The restaurant knows this portion is huge to most of the tourists. However, they choose to remain the dish’s size because of the Portuguese tradition. Portuguese people used to work a lot in the agriculture field which requires much labor energy, this has explained the portion size of the Portuguese meal. It was pretty good and fresh grill fish by unfortunately most of us are not able to finish the plates alone.

Coffee is another Portuguese tradition and they can have it anytime in the day. They is no such thing as I can’t sleep at night because of too much coffee. Thou I might suffer a little bit sleepless night but I couldn’t resist to have an Espresso with Ice-cream. Girls always reserved additional space for sweets. This is it! Another secret tip for having this is to stir the ice-cream with cinnamon stick. So……. have coffee just like the Portuguese!

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