Lagos World Beer Festival 2018

Lagos World Beer Festival 2018

When summer is approaching, the Portugal tourist favorite region of Algarve has numerous of festivals going on. There I went to the Lagos World Beer Festival 2018. As it claimed “World” beer festival, so i assumed there are beers from all over the world. Thou I don’t recognised most of the brands, but I get to know there were from the north Europe and UK. I was thinking it’s considered “world” because you don’t find these brands in supermarket of Portugal? There were range of ciders, beers and lagers from different brands anyway.
How does it work for the charges? You would need to purchase an event class with €5 each with 1 free beer plus a free ride on the “beer cart”. If you like to have an event mug, that will cost €10 each. Perhaps you would like to have it if you are a mug collector. You may refill your drinks with additional charges depends on your preference. Each refill differ within €1.50 – €3 in average. Of course it will be slightly expensive for the artisan beer. Along the square, there’s a stage set-up with DJ performance at night. There’s also a huge TV screen was broadcasting the World Cup 2018 match. You may grab your beer, meat mixture or crepes and enjoy the football match with the crowd. Maybe I was there during day time, the tables are fully occupied but not huge crowd. I believed it will be more crowd during the match play and the DJ night party time for sure.

It was pretty relaxing time to stay while having the breeze from the sea and overlooking the riverbank. I would like to stay a little bit longer but there’s another Wine Tasting Festival going on at another town. Got to leave thou……

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