Festival Perceve Vila do Bispo

Festival Perceve Vila do Bispo

Festival Perceve Vila do Bispo is a yearly seafood festival in Algarve, Portugal. The festival featuring all the famous seafood specialty of Portugal. There are clams, prawns, mussels, lapas, perceves, moreia frita and many more. Seafood lovers will love and enjoy this festival especially if you are a group of friends. You can try everything if you are in a group of people.

Perceves is the local popular seafood in Sagres, Portugal because of the sea cliffs. The price of perceves can range from EUR 30-EUR 100 per kg depends on the season. It is an expensive seafood because the work of getting them from the rough waving seacliff is dangerous.

Have a closer look of it. The eating texture is similar to bamboo clams and the taste is SEA. Literally the taste of SEA! This kind of festival usually charging more expensive than usual. There is EUR 2 per entry per person and you pay for all consumption in a huge hall tent. There are also some stage performance while you are enjoying the seafood.

Watch the video for the correct way of eating perceves. I was doing the wrong way from the beginning. After finished 2/3 of the plate, a waitress came to me and show me the right way of doing it. I think it must be hilarious of how other people seeing a Chinese lady eating it for the first time.

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