Expat Life In Sagres, Portugal

Expat Life In Sagres, Portugal

Expat life is another form of travel with longer journey that you are away from home. Let me introduce to you the beautiful Sagres in Portugal is where my expat life begin. Sagres is the most western tip of Algarve and known as “The end of the earth”. The most undiscovered region in Europe as well as the national protected area. Sagres is also known as the “Prince Town” where Prince Henry built the first Navigation School back to 15th century.

Sagres is a peaceful small village where you can view beautiful sunrise & sunset, surfer’s paradise with many beaches, produce fresh seafood, surrounded with historical sites and scenic landscapes. A place sounds so amazing and beautiful to begin with the adventurous expat life. Hold your thought before that if you are someone from the bustling city. The best description for me to express is I’m the best friend of Tarzan & Jane!

Great Average Weather

The constant dynamic change of weather is what makes me checking forecast every morning to decide what clothes to wear. Sagres is a very windy place as the extreme tip point in Europe, however the average temperature of the year is great. It is not too cold during winter and not too hot during summer. Surfers do surfing even during winter!

Transportation Limits

If you don’t own a car is equivalent to a disabled person. There is bus service to the nearest town – Lagos which took average of an hour time passing through the stops. The frequency is having quite a huge gap in between especially at the morning and winter season.

Drinking Water

In Lisbon, it is safe to have direct drink from the tap water but it’s the opposite here in Algarve. As such, most people here would buy the drinking water from the supermarket. Nothing too bad was we are able to purchase the drinking water with 9.5 PH level with decent price. This brand is crazily favorited by the locals and it just run our of stock very soon after re-stock.

                                                         The Bar Street in Sagres town during World Cup 2018

Most of the Portuguese refused to work in Sagres because the distance is far from the lively town. The majority are the oldies or retirees from the north Europe. Those young people you meet, they are either my colleague at work or the tourists from other place. Mid-age person like who has stopped going late night party, I could hardly meet new people in this place.

Church Availability

There is local Catholic church but speaking only Portuguese during service. The nearest English church I’m attending would be in Lagos which I travel an hour journey by bus at 7.40 am. The church service starts at 11 am but the later bus schedule will caused me late to service.

Dine-out Vs Homecook

This is general in Europe to cook at home is less expensive than dine-out. As Algarve is the known tourism destination, the average restaurant price is around EUR 12 per meal. For an individual like me, that’s good enough for a week’s grocery purchase.

I know this place sounds so amazing and seems to be a perfect expat life to have. It was exciting to me at the beginning but when time passes by, the individual like me will find it is too boring with very limited social life. The adaption process took far more longer than I expected when I was hit so badly with unforeseen circumstances at the beginning. The above mentioned is only an introduction to the environment adaption and not counting in the from the mentality adaptation process.

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