Exhausted Emotions – The Devastation after Storm

Exhausted Emotions – The Devastation after Storm

Few months ago, it was a point in my life I was suffering with exhausted emotions. I was facing 4-5 life events happened at the same time. I thought I will never survive through the storm because that’s too much for me to handle. The world is hopeless while God let me won one victory then put me in another dark tunnel immediately. This has happened many times in my life and I feel enough is enough. I’m not dealing with it anymore.

After two months of intensive time and money spent to settle all the issues, the storm has calmed down. I’ve survived through the storm but I don’t feel the victory. Indeed, I feel completely exhausted and cannot trust how I feel anymore. There are all the false signals after storm that has devastated me so much ever before. The major reason was I underestimated how much cost I have to pay upon dream achieved.

  • My heart wasn’t able to open up to receive love and care from people because I’m afraid of being hurt again.
  • I was lashing out people who really trying to help me because owning a favor is just not my thing.
  • Refused to social as much as I did before because I don’t to waste time for building “temporary” relationship. This place doesn’t belongs to me as I’m just a passer by.
  • The worst thought was this world has nothing left for me. My living purpose now is to settle all the debts of my aunt and mum. Then it’s time for me to leave the world after my parents. At this point of time, I need nobody!
  •  I’m standing on the safe ground right now, the fear doesn’t go and raised the doubts of God’s promise is even existed. There’s constant battle in my mind that I’m not lovable by anybody including God. He’s been cruel to me.
Missing Promise

Those are the moments I was missing the promises of God. I could completely understand if you are going through the same valley, all your eyes, ears and heart completely shut down for anyone trying to comfort you with God’s word. The exhausted emotions automatically disconnect us from everything because we are in fear of the dark. The enemy kept attacked me with lies, so much lies……. Including the hurts and rejections feeling was surfacing from childhood times throughout the past working years till before I left the country to Europe.

Sent Angels

I am thankful there are angels around me who makes me feel LOVED. Love is so important for those in the exhausted emotions. Thankfully enough that in this foreign land, there are few people from work and colleague who are genuinely care for me. Colleagues who genuinely helping me for daily life inconveniency and constantly care of how I feel everyday. My church members prayed healings on me when I was completely broke down in tears. God sent people when we need it the most regardless they are Christian or not. The angel can be someone you never expect to exist in your life during this season of life.


There is no other way to recover from the exhausted emotions if I chose to leave God. First thing to do if you really wants to get out from the dark valley is to believe in Him once again. Regardless how many times you went through the dark tunnels, He promised to never abandon me! I know this is true enough deep in my heart that I will be drown forever if I stopped trusting in Him. I remembered during the prophecy prayer at church, I was called to be a bright shining yellow flower at the wide open field. One day, my life will shine through the nations as I grow stronger and geared for His purpose.

It’s not the end…

It takes time to get healed completely because the enemy is still trying to defeat you by lies. I am still going through the recovery process and for sure I feel much better than few months before. I don’t want to deny the fact that once in a while I will feel the fear from the exhausted emotions again. But I know one thing for sure, I’m closer now than I’ve ever been in my life. I know you will refused to read as you are going through the valley now. Take the chance if you just take 2 minutes to read Psalm 91 and you are not losing anything since you are already in such bad situation. That 2 minutes to read Psalm 91 couldn’t make your situation worst, isn’t it?


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