Difference Between Ideal and Real

Difference Between Ideal and Real

Are you struggling with the difference between ideal and real in life? I do. Ideally we want to live in certain lifestyle hence we work very hard to pursue the dream. In reality, most of us are defeated and gave up our dream. It doesn’t we are the loser for giving up but we are somehow living in the reality which has no mercy to anybody. Not much of theoretical sharing this time. Maybe you and me are the same group of people in BETWEEN. The difference between ideal and real of our own selves. Personally I find myself pretty much the in BETWEEN person in every area at this stage.


  • Age – Mid-age of 30s – 40s. The generation between the era of transformation.
  • Appearance – The pretty and sexy of the west; the ordinary of the east.
  • Weight – Not light enough to be ordinary model; not weight enough to be oversized model.
  • Height – Taller than 7/10 Asian men; Same height as most of the German girls.
  • Financial – Not poor enough to get government subsidies; not rich enough to live without work or be own boss.
  • Professional – The sandwich between the executives and director levels.
  • Skills – Seems to know everything but not specialised in anything.
  • Personality – Enjoy the comfort of life yet not settle with ordinary routine.
  • Intelligence – Smart above average but honesty kills opportunities
  • Culture – Western mind mix with eastern thoughts in an Asian look human.
  • Peer-to-peer compatibility – Above average, below the best.


  • Professional Single Young Adults – Which church has this specific demographic cell group? Either dominant with single ladies or the group of people expected to lead the youth.
  • The few singles left surrounded with mostly married friends and kids. Conversations always surrounded with husbands and children stories which you don’t really interested or clicked.

You really think so? (Generally what my friends or people around me see who I am versus the truth.)

  • “You are very picky in choosing men. ” My preference is not yours. For instance, I’m easily get attracted with chivalrous man and this might not even bothering you.
  • “Why you always like to make fun of me?” “Because you never get angry.” When I told you I’m angry and I meant it, but none of you take me serious in this case. Sometimes you have no idea how you would have hurt someone with insensitive jokes.
  • “You are a strong woman!” That is because I don’t have any shoulder to lean on like most of you do. Inside of my is always a little girl crying for help and craving for love. I hide it? No! It’s because you think I’m strong enough and not believing me when I said I need it too.
  • “You are smart and intelligent!” Just because I don’t say “I don’t know” before even try and I put effort in finding solutions with trials and fails. In fact, there many unknown in me that I feel insecure too.
  • “You should dress like this all the time, you look gorgeous.” Thank you. I preferred to have this occasionally that makes me outstanding than the norm than you’re numb with the same of me. Instead, casual is more comfortable than the bodycon dress with high heels.
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