Canoeing to Benagil Cave

Canoeing to Benagil Cave

During my first research for places to visit in Algarve, the Benagil Cave image captured my attention so much. I must visit this stunning beautiful sea cave regardless how. Generally for tourists, visiting the cave is to book boat tour which brings you to 20-30 caves. People who has very strong stamina could try to swim from the beach next to it. Or just like me, canoeing to the cave is another option. However, canoeing could be challenging for someone like me who don’t know how to swim. Ya ya…… I know….. Stop laughing at me!

Firstly, I have no idea the Benagil Beach is just right next to a sandy beach. Through the web search for the tour, it sets in my mind that those caves are only accessible by boat. Thanks to a 70+ year old church sister who came up the idea to bring me there with her rubber canoe.

                                                                                This is the lovely lady with her canoe.
Now you see where comes the adventure and excitement to this day trip.
  • I have no idea how close is the Benagil Cave and the land because the general Google results makes me think it’s only accessible by boat.
  • If anything happened during the canoeing, save the 70+ year old lady or the one young one who doesn’t know how to swim? Bare in mind we doesn’t go with life jackets because we bring our own “boat”.
  • My preset mind about the cave environment has completely got me confused about my friend’s plan. The best I can do is to trust her decision and follow her instructions. You see! Even a simple day trip requires you to have faith and trust.
  • Last but not least, how could I able to visit the cave without camera? So I was risking to bring along my iPhone in a waterproof bag. Thank God it doesn’t drop from the canoe and leave with the ocean.

Without further doubt, we proceeded with the plan very well. We were praising and thank God not only for the great weather we had for the day. We were blessed for the strangers who helped us push and pull the canoe against the strong waves caused by the passing tourists boats. It was such a joyful day upon our accomplishment of the desired summer day out.

                                                                             The arrow is the entrance of Benagil Cave.
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