About Me

About Me

Dream Chaser

This is the life stories of a girl who is at her mid 30s left her comfort zone to an unknown land from Asia to Europe. A life changing journey has begun when she made the decision to leave everything behind including career, assets, friends and family to pursue the dream that has been planted in her heart many years ago.

It's never an easy thing to live as an expat especially without a support companion, complete different culture and environment, far reach to anyone she knows, unexpected circumstances await and many more. There's even a stage that she felt the life is over and would like to give up on everything. She's been through many dark valleys before this new life chapter. This time seems the worst ever than before and seems no way to get up again. Completely defeated!

Being a Christian doesn't guarantee you an easy smooth life, instead there are many hard lessons to learn. Then why would you still believe in Him? One thing for sure, my life could be much more miserable without trusting in Him.Faith is not only needed to take a step forward. Faith is strong hold to keep going and not to give up. Faith is the promise of God not to forsake you but to lift you up when you fall. Faith is what you need to pursue and achieve your dream!

Single ladies, don't waste your single season pursuing on man without gear yourself up to be a whole person. This season is when God preparing you to be a wife, a season when God is getting your husband ready to meet you. A season that you wish you could achieve your life goal before getting married. I am single since I was born till now, trust me, I went through every struggle, desperate and lonely moments as much as you do.

I hope you will be encouraged, get inspired or even just a little bit push to you through this site. Remember, that one step you made forward could change your life. You might not see how that little step is working but you'll see when you've won it!

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