20 Traditional Portuguese Food to Try

20 Traditional Portuguese Food to Try

Foodie lover who is coming to Portugal might need to save this 20 Traditional Portuguese Food to try in your bucket list. There are so many local specialties by regions and few of them are introduced by locals from north to south of Portugal. The great thing is Portugal has very fresh and good quality of ingredients that makes good food. There are also healthier recipes compared to ours in Asia due to the strict legal standard conditions. You wouldn’t believe the locals has the mindset that Asian food is healthier which surprised me the most.

  • Pastel De Belem – Not much description needed, this is international know. That’s why it is a MUST TRY! You never been to Portugal if you not have one.
  • Bacalhau – It is the salted cod fish which is the Portuguese traditional ingredients. There are more than thousand recipes to cook Bacalhau according to the locals.
  • Francesinha – Origin and specialty of North Portugal in Porto, it means ” Little France Girl”. The secret is the sauce recipe that pour on top of the sandwich filled with cheese, steaks, eggs, churico, ham… Very filling!
  • Fig – A type of fruit that available only in Algarve.

  • Percebes – It’s an expensive seafood due to the process of getting it is risky and difficult.
  • Bifana – Pork sandwich that is commonly known in Macao as the “Pork Chop Bun”. It’s originally from Portugal.
  • Queijadas Sintra – The most famous sweet when you visit Sintra. It feels a little bit like the Malaysian “Bahulu”.
  • Cataplana – The most famous traditional seafood dish from Algarve. It was prepared and served in the copper cookware.
  • Polvo – I simply like most of the Portuguese way of preparing Octopus especially the appetizer.
  • Arroz de Marisco – As Portugal is famous with seafood, the Portuguese seafood rice is  one of the most traditional dishes to have.
  • Ameijoas a Bulhao Pato – Cooking clams with white wine and garlic, with some herbs. The taste is simply delicious and you would like to dip the sauce with the Portuguese bread.
  • Ginjinha – Cherry wine to drink with chocolate made cups. Have the drink and eat the cup after drink.
  • Ovos com Farinheira – Perhaps this is the most simplest recipe to prepare but it taste delicious. Scramble eggs with the Portuguese sausage. A type of Portuguse tapas.

  • Sardinhas Assadas – Portugal is famous with sardines and the best months to have grill sardines is during the summer.
  • Caldo Verde – The most traditional Portuguese soup in green vegetable with few pieces of chorizo.
  • Arroz de Pato – Cooking rice with the essential of duck and chorizo. I still preferred our roasted duck rice.
  • Pate – Bread spread made of sardine or tuna, sometimes salmon.
  • Pao de Lo – Portuguese sponge cake. I heard it’s easy to make but yet to try.
  • Bola de Belem – Portuguese custard donuts. After all you will find most of the Portuguese cake has the same custard filling.
  • Arroz Doce – Sweet rice pudding. Dessert made with rice, egg yolks, milk, sugar, butter. Now can you imagine the…….calories?


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